Friday, May 4, 2012

{I just about fell out of my chair!!!!!!!!!!! }

When I started this blog, I never thought that I would post a review on food...or more specifically--ice-cream/gelato! You know what though? I MUST!! You know why? Because it's sooooo good! First, I must say that I'm not the biggest fan of ice-cream/gelato. I mean, I like it a lot but I usually only eat it when I'm really really in the mood for it.
Well, my husband brought home this lovely little tub of gelato called "sea salt caramel" by Talenti. He said that they just received it at the grocery store.
Once I took my first bite, I just about fell out of my chair...all the way to about my 25th bite (in which I made my husband take it away from me before I ate the whole thing!) lol
It tastes just like those little caramel squares with small chocolate chunks in it. :D
Anyway, I was also surprised to know that it is only 240 Calories (1/2 cup people)! Of course that changes if you eat the entire tub haha but I thought that was pretty darn good for something so tasty.
So, as you can tell, it's really good and I highly recommend that you go and spend a little over $4 on a pint of this gelato because it's delish! :)
If you fall in love with it and dub it your "new favorite" like my husband & I did,
{You're Welcome}
Have a BEAUTIFUL rest of the day!

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  1. I love this stuff! Our small grocery store/deli just started carrying it too, and I am hooked! We got the straciatella flavor, and I plowed through half the container before I made my husband take it away. Ah-mazing. Glad to know I'm not the only one!



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