Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lots of new items arriving to the shop very soon!

I have been working really hard on creating new items for the shop which is why my inventory available is so low on Etsy. I am just waiting for my last package to arrive to my door step so I can start posting all these goodies! Here's a preview of some new pieces!

...Oh! but first! I JUST created a Facebook page for Love Sparkle Pretty (finally) & will be sharing updates, new items, coupon codes and giveaways!
Once I hit 150 "likes," I will be hosting my first GIVEAWAY so be sure to head over HERE--to the FB page & "like" & share! :D (this would mean the world--Thank you)

**NOW, back to the {PREVIEW}**

{Spring Rings}

{Silk flower head bands}

{New bridal pieces}

{Some more boutonnieres}

{Corsage pins}

& more to come of course! :)
What accessories do you like seeing the most?

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  1. your shop sounds adorable dear :) I'm a new follower of your blog! care to check out mine?!



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