Saturday, February 11, 2012

Officially ready for nursing school!

I am {officially ready} for nursing school (RN)! & As you can tell by this largely, scary smile--I am excited! 2 more days!!

Today, I picked up my last "necessity" for school. Wanna know what it was? My very own personalized tumbler of course! :) **Note the Caramel Iced Coffee inside. lol**
I bought it from Kasey's Kreations (go get one! Lots of different designs!).

In order to be ready for nursing assessment this semester, I had to:
[X]get my books (Thanks Ashley)
[X]get stethescope
[X]BP cuff
[X]skills kit
[X]get a watch with second hand
[X]get scrubs
[X]& alter scrubs :/
I finished altering my scrubs the other day. Here's my before & after:

I took about an inch and a half off from the top of the trousers and about 2 inches off the bottom. I also put in an elastic strand in the back of my top to pull it in some.

Well, it's going to be a crazy road ahead of me (especially when I start full time in August).

(only 5 semesters...only 5 semesters...only 5 semesters)


  1. Omg looooooove that tumbler!! I may just have to get one :) YAY! So glad you're starting soon! Good luck girl! It's a wild ride so far, that's for sure. This past week I had two exams and a quiz and thought I was going to jump off a bridge! Next week I have a paper due, a quiz and test-outs on caths! Be prepared to manage your time down to the each and every second! :)

  2. Congrats on nursing school! I originally wanted to go to school for RN but instead became an MA. I love what I do, and maybe one day, if I get the time and funds, will return for an RN program. Love your cute tumbler. I too have one like that, but it's plain. It's always at work with me and I usually have my water or tea in it. Your before and after pics of your scrubs made me laugh because I too have that problem. I'm only about 5'1 and most of the scrubs are made for people at least 5'7 and up! I get most of my scrubs from They have lots of solid colors, prints and the best part: SHORT length pants! And the prices are great too. Wishing you luck in your new venture and hope you will post time to time about how it's going in your RN program. Take care!

  3. The tumbler is excellent! And you will get much use out of it, I'm certain. School requires coffee, and that's without a new baby! Good luck! And your scrubs look ahmazing!!


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