Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First snowfall of the season!

Snow has finally arrived! Which has winter time! I know the winter season has been here for a little while now but since the temperature has not really dropped below 70 degrees for months, it sure hasn't seemed like it!
Today, though-atleast where I live-we have finally received the first snow fall of the season and the blistering cold temperatures it brings with it.
{& I love it!}
Here's just a tid bit when it first started hailing...then snowing :)

Levi's first snow day :)

Thank you Jesus for snow!!! It's soo pretty!
Now time for some hot chocolate & a big blanket.


  1. love the the boots! love your post. happy friday!

  2. Hi there! Love your snow pictures! And those boots are SO cute! Which state do you live in? I'm in California and there is no snow to be found here. Hope you are doing well and hope your nursing program started off well. Take care!
    Tea With Kimmie


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