Sunday, February 26, 2012

7 {Pretty} Things on Sunday

For this week's
7 {Pretty} Things on Sunday,
my inspiration comes from
{Pretty} Hair.
It's fun to be girl! Especially when we get to get all dolled up and lovely...even if it's just to make {ourselves} feel beautiful for a moment :)
Creating a gorgeous hairstyle-from simple to detailed-can make the world's of difference on our self esteem.
Here are some PRETTY hairstyles I have found and hopefully, they shed a little light on your day and give you a bit of inspiration for your next hairstyle.

Love the simplicity of high buns.

Pretty little bow & loose waves

The low braid updo is adorable!

I wish I could do this to my own hair! :)

Love her bangs! :)


Messy pretty & yet seems so effortless :)

Find all of these goodies on my Pinterest

{Have a beautiful day}


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  2. Hi Kayla! Love all of these hairstyles. I've always loved the look of a messy/relaxed bun. So effortless and chic. Thanks for sharing...I got some inspiration from these. Take care

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