Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine Inspiration Link Up!

I have joined the Valentine Link Up Party over at The Pink Ruffle & Keeping Up With The Cantelmo's.
Here are some Valentine inspiration ideas for this wonderful lovey-dovey day coming up! :)


{Super cute scrabble LOVE pillows from dirtsastudio etsy shop}

{Adorable felt envelope to put love letters in! From Shabby CHic Crafts}

{Pretty dessert table from In the Now}

{How about this adorable valentine card guest book? Also from In the Now}

{A winter valentine theme! From The Bungalow Blog Online}

{Yummy strawberry icecream sandwiches from Mint-includes recipe}


  1. New follower from the VDay hop :) Love the scrabble pillows and ice cream sandwhiches!

  2. oooh those ice cream sandwhiches look delish!

  3. How cute are those pillows!!! Super adorable! Hopping over fromt he Cantelmo's!

  4. I just cannot get over the cuteness of those pillows! (we are scrabble addicts in my house!!)


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