Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I can't believe another Christmas came and went. It seems like the years pass quicker and quicker! In fact, it came so fast, my husband and I hardly had time to finish decorating our Christmas tree this year! Here are just a few photos of some ornaments we added just in time...

These 2 I created last year for mine and my husband's first Christmas together as a married couple...

This ornament was gifted to us from the man in Israel that created our cake topper for our wedding :)
                                                           08/06/10 = our wedding date

I finished this ornament for our son's first Christmas on Christmas eve! I sewed his name "Levi" and the year into it as best I can and I'm proud I had it hanging on the tree before Christmas morning! lol

A banner & ornament garland I created a few weeks ago to add some holiday spirit to the Leppelman household :)
This Christmas was extra special because it was our son's very first Christmas! His grandma Tiffany bought him his first Christmas stocking and Christmas hat to commemorate this special first holiday for him :)

After a very long day filled with tons of food, giving thanks, and LOTS of love, we finally took our first Chrstmas picture together as a family :) Levi was passed out! lol (p.s. we bought him a special Christmas outfit to wear but just as I predicted earlier that day, he had an "accident" in it and had to change his wardrobe! :D )

                                          I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas day! :D

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