Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A BIG BREAK--& not a good one :(

School is officially back in session and with a full load this semester consisting of college algebra, ASL II, Basic Arrythmia, and Medical Terminology---while working---& finishing my nursing applications---as well as starting my volunteer work next month at a pregnany center, I don't know where I will find any time to finish projects that I have started or create anything new :-/ So, blogging as well as using my creativity (except with new study habits) won't be as frequent as I would like, if at all. ::Sigh:: Wish me good luck this semester--until June 8th!! I will need it!!!!


  1. You will volunteering at a Pregnancy Center?! Good for you! I'm trying to get involved in one here in SD. I'd love to hear more about your experiences there-when you find some time that is. :)

  2. Yes I will be volunteering as a counselor amongst helping out in other ways at the center :) I'm still going through training which includes reading a book and answering questions at the end of each chapter as well as watching 5 videos. I'm really excited to start and look forward to the new experiences. I shall post about my experiences when I start and have the time :)


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