Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{DIY infinity scarf with buttons}


Ready to get crafty?! With the fall season upon us (some places more than others), scarves are ready to be used and cozied up with. So, to add to the scarf collection, we will make an infinity scarf!
What you will need:
*2 yards of fabric-try to find a soft fabric that isn't too "floppy" so you can have a bit of shape and structure to your scarf. You know what I do? I frolick down the aisles (yes, frolick!) and I feel all of the fabrics and play with them to see how they would work as a scarf. So go ahead! I found my fabric in the clearance section (whoop! whoop!)
*scissors-make sure they are sharp!
*cutting mat with measurements, ruler, or tape measure-so you know your lengths and widths.
*thread-preferably the same colors as the fabric you are using. I don't have coral thread so I'm just going to use white.
*a needle
*a sewing machine-if you don't have one, it will take quite a bit of time to hand sew.
*buttons! Pick a couple different ones or keep them the same. Whatever you like!

To get started, fold your 2 yards of fabric in half the long way if it isn't already.
From the folded end, cut your fabric 7" away from that end. This will be the width of your fabric.

(if you unfold the fabric, it should be 14" total but you will keep the fabric folded so that it measures 7" if this makes sense?)
 Make sure that you cut a straight line and you keep it 7" in width all the way up when you cut.

Once the fabric is cut, you should have a strip of fabric that's 72" (2 yards) in length and 7" in width since it's folded. You can save the rest of the fabric for other scarves or whatever you'd like.

Now, get your buttons and place them in the arrangement that you would like about 1" from one of the ends.

You want to place them with the idea in mind that you will be sewing the open end about 1/2" from the end.

Once you have your buttons in the places you would like them, start sewing them down. Remember, only sew them to the top layer of fabric.
Got your buttons in place? Ok good!
Now if you have seen some of my scarves before, you know that I love adding detail like lace, ruffles, appliques, even doilies! For this scarf, I'm keeping it pretty simple with the buttons as my accent. If you have your detail that you want to add to the scarf, you can add it about about 18" or so from either of the ends...or wherever else you prefer.
When all the buttons and accents (if you prefer) are in place, you can now fold your fabric the opposite way so that it's inside out and start pinning the open sides together like shown below.
Now it's time to sew the open sides together (this DOES NOT include the two ends-just the 72" length of the side). Sew about 1/2" from the end. I like to use a zig zag setting for a little extra durability. I used a "3" zig-zag pattern for my scarf.
Once you have sewn the entire length of the scarf and tied off your ends of thread, it's time to turn the entire scarf inside out. The easiest way for me is to stick my whole arm through, grab the end and pull it all through.
Now we shall sew both ends of the scarf. Start by folding each end of the scarf about 1/2" inward (into the inside of the scarf) & pin. Try making the ends as straight across as possible. It's easier to use a straight edge or line for guidance on this.
Next, sew the edges together about 1/4" from the end. I used a "7" stich pattern for the ends of my scarf. 

After you have sewn both ends, lay your scarf out and and fold the ends on top of one another so you can get an idea of where you will cut your holes for your buttons to go through.

Once you have figured out where you want to cut your holes (by feeling where the buttons are underneath the fabric), start cutting small slits in the end of the scarf that will overlap your buttons. Be sure to cut the slits very small because most fabrics will stretch and you don't want the holes to be too big for the buttons.
After you have all of your holes and the buttons fit snuggly through them, you can take your needle and thread and stitch the edges of the holes if you'd like for a cleaner look and add some Fray Check so the fabric doesn't fray or become thready at the sites you've cut.

& Voila!
Your infinity scarf is all done!! With this type, you can wear it several ways buttoned or unbuttoned as well as wrapped around you up to 3 times. With my fabric, I liked it wrapped 3 times.
{Enjoy you new scarf this season!}
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  1. Beautiful! I am going to have to try this. I would love for you to stop by on Saturday to link up to our party! http://herestohandyandy.blogspot.com/

    1. Thank you so much! I would love to see how yours turns out and I would be happy to share on Saturday. :)

  2. 1. Great tutorial! I actually feel I can accomplish this, haha!
    2. It turned out great.
    3. You said "frolick." Let's be BFF's.

    1. Thank you! It is quite simple enough I think and of course we can be "frolicking bffs!" :)

  3. Thanks so much for taking my request! It's so easy to follow your instructions! All those other DIYs written confused me to no end! <3 ya Kayla!

  4. Thanks for linking up to Talent Tuesday! I featured you this week!

  5. Love this! thanks for the wonderful tutorial, can't wait to make one or two or three .. :). Have a great week!,

    -Kayla :)

  6. If only I was craftier! ;/ this is so cute!
    newest follower.

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